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  • Ryan Smoot

Best Laptops for Podcasting 2023

Look, the best computer for podcasting might not guarantee your show will be the next Huberman Lab or Call Her Daddy, but it'll make starting or keeping up your show a lot faster and a lot easier.

I graded the laptops below based on speed, price, storage and ability to run basic editing software. I should note though that I didn't grade microphones on these — for the love of god, please use an external mic.

The top laptop for podcasting I tested was the MacBook Pro M2 — it's easily the most reliable computer on the market that can last nearly a decade for your podcasting endeavor.

Let's get into it:

Best Overall Laptop for Podcasts

The best laptop I've found for podcasts is by far Apple's latest MacBook Pro that released earlier this year. Seriously, you don't even need to wear headphones with this computer, with a Studio quality mic in a 3 mic array. Plus, with up to 96GB of unified memory, the M2 Max and M2 Pro chips are extraordinarily powerful, and make audio editing work a breeze when you're chopping up your latest episode. Plus, the speakers on the Mac 16in is the best of any computer out there, with the 14in not far behind.

Best Laptop for Podcasting Under $500

The Acer Aspire 5 is not only under $500, but it functions like a high-end PC that should be priced much higher than it is. With 256GB of storage, you won't need external hard drive storage for particularly long audio or video files. And it runs like a workhouse, being one of the fastest laptops we've tested under the $1,000 range. The display is more than adequate for streaming and replaying your videos, and the processor is powerful but efficient, staying quiet and not taking up too much noise. Plus, with 8GB of RAM, you can run quite a few programs for editing podcasts without any noticeable lag.

Honorable Mentions

Think I left any of the best laptops for your pod off the list? Comment down below!


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