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Top Laptops with 1080p+ Webcams 2024

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

In 2024, your laptop's built-in webcam is likely getting way more work than it has in the past. Whether working from home on Zoom meetings or videoconferencing with friends, you'll want to be sure you look and sound your best.

And, let's face it, doing an external webcam on a laptop is a hassle and looks a bit ridiculous.

Overall, 2023's best laptop with a high-resolution 1080p webcam and microphone is the ASUS ZenBook Pro Flip, with a stunning infrared camera and noise-canceling mic that is the perfect combination for making videos or teleconferencing.

Let's break down the full ranking of the best laptops with good webcams and microphones this year:

When your laptop's camera is so good that it has a retina-scan login, we definitely take note. Released in March 2023, the ASUS ZenBook Pro Flip's camera is stunning. It's equipped with an HD IR camera, which basically is a cameras that captures sharp, crisp and infrared image. The latter enables biometric login through Windows Hello, even in some of the darkest environments.

But it's not just the camera that's high-resolution with ASUS's latest release. The Zenbook Pro Flip has a 2.8k OLED touchscreen, making it one of the best looking 2-in-1 laptops on the market this year. It even sounds superb — ASUS developed a built-in amplifier to increase sound by 350% with zero distortion.

Plus, with the AI-powered noise-canceling microphone, you'll sound as crisp as you look when teleconferencing.

When it comes to webcams, Apple was a bit late to invest in upgrading to a 1080p webcam. But it's finally here. While the 13in MacBooks and MacBooks prior to 2022 are typically 780p, the latest MacBook Pro M2 chip 14in and 16in come with a built-in ultra HD webcam. We think the MacBook Pro is one of this year's best overall laptops, so if the price tag seems reasonable to you, this laptop is sure to deliver a great end-to-end experience beyond just the camera.

Look, the Microsoft Surface Pro 9 isn't going to win any awards for photography, but it's HD 1080p camera delivers a sharp resolution for video meetings. It has the same Windows Hello retina login feature as the ASUS Pro Flip and runs on the lightning fast Intel 12th Gen i7 processor.

Honorable Mentions

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