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How to Get Unbanned from Hinge in 2024 | Step-by-Step Guide to Get Around Hinge Ban

Updated: Feb 29

Jeff Stein | Updated February 29, 2024

If you're banned from Hinge, then trust me, you're not alone. It often happens for little reason, or as an act of revenge, and the appeal process can take as long as 9 months (and almost never is successful). Personally, I filed an appeal with Hinge back in April of 2023 and still have not heard back, so I'd recommend not even wasting your time on a fruitless effort.

After reading through countless Reddit forms and how-to-guides myself, I found a lot of misleading info out there, and wanted to share a tried-and-tested method to regain access to the massively popular dating app.

Hinge's sheer popularity in 2024 means that Tinder and Bumble are far less attractive apps currently, and it makes getting banned on Hinge feel like some 21st century form of digital celibacy. Even worse, bans on the app are permanent, with no timetable for getting reinstated.

For regaining access to Hinge after being banned or shadowbanned, you'll need a few things, and I'll help you find them as cheap as possible: this includes a cheap burner Android phone, a new phone number (for at least 1 month) and slightly edited pictures.

This step-by-step guide is relatively inexpensive, and is the only foolproof means to not becoming re-banned or shadow banned in the app. It's how I've remained on the Hinge app even after being banned nearly one year ago.

Let's dive in:

how to get unbanned from hinge in 2023

Step 1 - Obtain a cheap new device

I'm skipping the appeals process here because it seems that practically no one has ever heard back, and in my personal opinion, it is simply not worth your time and could end up flagging your account in a manual review if you decide to make a new one.

Because Hinge is able to detect your device ID, you'll have to order a cheap burner Android phone. There are articles saying a factory reset will work, but they seem to be outdated and untested, as I've seen multiple Reddit users have quickly been banned using this method.

Personally, I chose this Motorola Moto as it was under $40. It's certainly disappointing to have to spend money, but it is truly the only way around this, and is worth it in my opinion to keep your dating life active.

Step 2 - Use a different phone number for verification

Hinge requires phone number verification, and using a Google Phone Number or another type of phone number spoofing tool will be an instant red flag to Hinge. That really leaves you with two options — use a friends number that has never been on Hinge and has no plans to start an account, or sign up for a cheap wireless plan for 1 month.

I didn't feel like taking risks at this point, and the Talk and Text plan on Tracfone is $15/month. $55 was about as much as I was willing to shell out to regain access to Hinge, so this was tolerable to me.

Step 3 - Use new pictures, or slightly edit your pictures

Hinge's security team should seriously work for the NSA because even reusing the same pictures can be a red flag in their system and leave you shadow-banned. And with a new device in tow, I didn't want to be taking risks here.

There are technically two options you have: you can use brand new photos that you've never uploaded to Hinge or Tinder (given they're both owned by the same parent company). Or, alternatively, you can slightly edit your photos.

To edit the pictures, you'll want to screenshot the original photo in order to change the date and file name of the picture, and rotate the picture by 1-2 degrees, and then apply a filter on a relatively low effect.

If you want to be extra cautious, you can run the picture through the Fawkes algorithm, which essentially "cloaks" your picture so that facial recognition cannot identify you (freaky stuff, right?).

You could also use FaceApp or FaceTune at a "1" preset level, so that changes aren't kittenfishing, but enough to bypass any facial recognition.

When Hinge asks you to verify with a selfie, make sure to close out of the pop-up and do not go through with verification as some have reported getting banned shortly after taking verification pictures.

Step 4 — Sign up for a new Hinge account away from your house

Given your geo-location is another data point Hinge has on your banned account, you'll want to be careful about signing up from the same location you reside.

Instead, head to a nearby coffee shop and connect your new device to their WiFi. You can also use your phone's data if you have it, though I didn't want to spend the extra money, and it's not necessary.

As you're signing up, it's a good idea to slightly change your birthday and other minute details to create inconsistencies with your former profile. Some have gone as far as slightly changing their name — I didn't do this though and am still fine.

Once you're signed up, you'll be safe to get back on the app at your house. However, do not let your device connect to your home WiFi given they also trace your IP address. Using a VPN might sound like a great idea to skirt past this, but it's actually another flag to Hinge that you could be a risky profile.

The easiest alternative is to instead use a hotspot from your main mobile device, as this will have a different IP address and always be accessible to you. Another option in the short-term, though slightly more time-intensive, is to get a brand new router at home, or call your internet provider.

Your IP should reset though within 2 weeks, so this is more just a temporary issue than a long-term need to always be hot spotting — I reconnected to my home WiFi after about a month and have not ran into any issues in all the months since.

Step 5 - Use common sense! Don't connect your Instagram or give out your phone number to matches

Finally, if you've made it this far, you'll be safe as long as you don't make any dumb decisions. Don't connect the same Facebook, Instagram or Spotify accounts as before. Be cautious about giving out the same number as before (ask for theirs instead), and avoid liking any profiles you think may have reported yours initially.

And, of course, be respectful, authentic and try not to give anyone reason to report you—even though it's often for little reason at all.

Drop a comment below once you've regained access — hopefully we all find love soon enough to actually delete this app.

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Granit Sadiku
Granit Sadiku
05 jun
Obtuvo 5 de 5 estrellas.

for new phone number I usually use DatingZest Hinge phone verification service to bypass it.

Me gusta

31 may

Bro, that was a helpful article, but it is fucking INSANE you have to go to these lengths just to get onto a dating app. The people in charge of Hinge must be sadists.

Me gusta

Andrew Ginsberg
Andrew Ginsberg
04 mar

So to clarify…once you create the account on the burner phone, can you subsequently log back into your own personal phone with the new number? I guess my question is can you ever get to the point where you use your own personal device again or will it always have to just be on the burner?

Me gusta
2 days ago
Contestando a

No because they can track your phone and ip. Trust i've tried it, your best option is to get a new phone completely. And use a google voice number on it

Me gusta

Craig Williams
Craig Williams
29 feb

Will authenticating your profile with the picture of your face cause a problem?

Me gusta

Nathan Andrew
Nathan Andrew
01 feb

You forgot to mention that if using a new iPhone you gotta use a new iCloud too..

Someone once got me back on with the same phone, but eventually lost the account again. I think once you’re back in, block people who you think have something against you to stay in the safer side. I’ll try this method at some point and update you

Me gusta
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