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  • Ryan Smoot

2023's Best Drawing Tablets for Kids

Tablets can be a wonderful way to introduce your kid to the art of drawing, without any mess

or wasted paper. Plus, with kids seemingly more gravitated to screens every year, tablet's are a great way to make art just feel more fun to them.

As a parent myself, I've tested these tablets with my own kids and have ranked the best drawing tablets for children in 2023, paying particular attention to stylus quality, screen responsiveness and affordability. If you're most interested in keeping your kids safe with their new tech, then also check out our best tablets with parental controls.

best drawing tablets for kids

The Verdict: We found the best drawing tablet overall for kids is the 10-inch Amazon Fire HD Kids Pro due to the affordability, screen responsiveness, easy access for kids, and robust parental controls for safety.

Let's dive in to the full ranking:

1. Amazon Fire HD Kids Pro

With a 10-inch display, this Kids edition of Amazon's budget-friendly tablet line is one of the best options for a young artist. It's an impressively responsive display for how cheap the price is (check the latest on Amazon) and comes equipped with a stylus and intuitive navigation for your kid to immediately start blossoming into a future Picasso.

There's little frills with this tablet, but I've found it to be one of the easiest to restrict what apps your kid is downloading and making sure they are staying safe if browsing online.

2. 2022 iPad Pro

The 2022 iPad Pro is about as good of a tablet you can buy for a budding artist — and it's one of the most beautiful screens I've ever seen. It has a mini-LED XDR display with robust brightness in addition to a local dimming feature that delivers some clean, stark visual contrast. Not to mention the Apple Pencil 2, which has near-zero lag plus tilt and pressure sensitivity, which makes it the most realistic stylus on the market.

This one is a bit of a splurge (the reason it comes second on this list) but it's unarguably the best overall tablet on the market, and would last for years, even as your kid grows into adolescence.

For those looking for not just a drawing tablet, but a tablet their kids can write and take notes on as well, I'd recommend considering the iPad over the Amazon Fire in those situations.

3. Wacom Cintiq 22

Wacom's 22-inch tablet is designed with artists first in mind, and with such a large display, your kid would have a ton of space to work with here. The pen rivals the iPad Pro's in terms of having an imperceptible lag and pressure sensitivity. This tablet is the industry standard for artists, so is best suited for children who are fairly advanced drawers and want to be equipped with the best tech possible. It's also a bargain compared to the iPad Pro — see the latest price on Amazon.


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