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  • Jeff Stein

MacBook Air Space Grey vs Silver | Spring 2023 Review

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

It's the most important question when purchasing a Mac — should you go with the MacBook Air space grey or the silver version? You might feel like this is overthinking — after all, aren't grey and silver basically the same? But actually, they are less alike than you would think, and with Mac's being such a significant investment in the current retail environment (often coming in north of $1,000) it is a smart decision to research the pros and cons of both options before you buy.

The Verdict:

It really comes down to personal preference, but it's such an important question it's worth knowing the pros and cons to both options before you buy.

Silver MacBooks will be better at withstanding the normal wear and tear that comes with keeping a Mac for several years, with scratches being less noticeable. The main downside is it's slightly more reflective and in our opinion, just looks less classy than space grey. With the Mac Air, consider that with it being so light, you can be highly mobile with it, making it a favorite among college students. That mobility is both a blessing and a curse with silver though, and you might want to think about being a little extra cautious about scratches.

For the Space Grey, it comes with anodized aluminum, which essentially is a protective layer of aluminum corrosion. Despite how unsettling that sounds, the Mac Air space grey version does look more professional and upscale. Just be careful of scratches, as they'll be much more visible on the space grey than the silver counterpart.

Comment your take on the debate -- are you a space grey or a silver fan? Are you still not convinced they are not the exact same color? Does your color preference change depending on if it's a MacBook Pro or Mac Air?


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